pembukaan-euphoria-2007-2.jpgpembukaan-euphoria-2007.jpgThe Euphoria Competition in SMA Tarsisius II was officially opened by the Branch Coordinator of Tarsisius II, Mr. Stephanus Subarno, accompanied by the principal of SMA Tarsisius II, Mr. Saverinus Kaka. In his speech, Mr. very, said that this event is a routine program of Students’ organization (OSIS) of SMA Tarsisius II. He hopes that by this event, all the students can increase the spirit of togetherness, and friendliness between students in general, and all the participants especially. Besides, he also said that every team should put the sportiveness in advance of all. All the participants should provide a fair play. By doing so, everything could be running well.

Meanwhile, before officially opening the tournament, Mr. Subarno reinforced that every participant had to play sportively and did a fair play game. According to him, the winner is a team that could provide an attractive and fair game. He expected that everything could run well and he supported this program so much.

Based on the schedule, this event will be held from November 3rd until November 10th 2007. Hopefully everything can run well. Let’s wait for the competition that will be issued daily by this blog. Good luck for the big family of SMA Tarsisius II. See you at the top!


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